The Boleyn Federation

The Boleyn Federation is a group of schools working together to share best practice in providing an outstanding education for all children. The Federation is led by Tom Canning, a National Leader of Education, from Tollgate Teaching School. Tollgate is also a National Support School and has been recognised by the National College of Teaching and Learning as being at the forefront of school improvement.

Our schools share one Governing Body chaired by Clive-Anthony Douglas and we have formed a hard federation led by the Executive Headteacher, Tom Canning. All our schools retain their individual character serving their local community and are led by their own Headteachers.
Currently there are two schools in the Boleyn Federation and we aim to expand this number to support our local schools.

Current schools in the Federation are:

The aims of the Boleyn Federation are:


Governing Body

Membership of the School Governing Body

Attendance Details of the Governors

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